Our Story

Dow Janes started in Britt’s living room.

She set out to start an investment club for women (who traditionally don’t invest as much or as early as men do). The problem she soon discovered was how few of her friends who came to investment club were actually in a position to invest. They were definitely curious about how to grow their money, but they were still working on saving up money to be able to invest or recovering from poor past financial choices.

So she invited me, Laurie-Anne, to come as a guest speaker and teach a workshop on budgeting.

I reframed budgeting from this boring accounting exercise to focus them on living and spending in alignment with their values and feeling in control of their money. I showed them how tracking and controlling their spending puts them in the driver’s seat of achieving their life goals and dreams.

The problem was… as inspired as they were, a few months later not 1 of the 25 women at the workshop had actually created or started following their budget.

These are smart, educated and sophisticated women.

They are not lazy or stupid.

This is just what people do with money.

They hide from the facts and they hope things will work out in the end.

We realized that women both want and need way more support and accountability in managing and growing their money.

They don’t want to do it alone.

They want to take the taboo out of money and talk about real dollars and cents in a safe community and with trusted experts.

And so… we started Dow Janes.

Meet the Team

Laurie-Anne King

An empowerment coach and energy healer who has helped thousands of women transform their lives.

Healed her own relationship to money, paid off $60K in debt, and built a $1M business.

Owns her dream home as well as income-generating properties that provide passive income.

Britt Williams Baker

Thinks saving money is fun. Actually!

Started investing in the stock market at 19 and purchased her own home in cash before the age of 30.

Founded an Investment Circle in 2018 to help women understand the basics of investing and close the financial gender gap.

Graduated from Harvard Business School.

Craig Wallace

Our resident investment advisor, Craig helps members with portfolio management and investment decisions.

COO of Independent Wealth Management Advisory Firm.

Registered Investment Advisor with a Masters in Financial Planning