The Art of Feminine Finance

Let's make dealing with your money feel like self care!

Here's what you'll take away in this free class:

+ The #1 free tool to easily, consistently, and automatically save each month

+ The hidden reason why so many women+ fail at their finances, but you will not

+ How to use our “Aligned Money Method” to spend in line with your values

+ Why thinking like an investor is a missing skill for women+ and how to start

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Meet your Instructors

Laurie-Anne King

An empowerment coach and energy healer who has helped thousands of women transform their lives.

Healed her own relationship to money, paid off $60K in debt, and built a $1M business.

Owns her dream home as well as income-generating properties that provide passive income.

Britt Williams Baker

A Harvard Business School graduate with a serious penchant for personal finance.

Started investing at the age of 8 and never stopped. Purchased her home in cash before the age of 30.

Founded an Investment Circle in 2018 to help women+ understand the basics of investing.

DISCLAIMER: What you learn in this webinar will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your level of participation, attention, and interest in the material. We hope you learn a lot, but there's no guarantee!​