Do One Small Thing


Sometimes making financial progress can feel overwhelming.

“I don’t even know where to start.”

“I have so far to go, it feels impossible.” 

It's okay to not have all the answers right now – don't let a sense of overwhelm stop you from taking any action.

Because as the saying goes “the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time”. 
(Also, are people actually out there eating elephants? We should definitely stop them!)

So today, let’s simplify.

What is one small thing that you could do TODAY to move your finances in a positive direction?

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Make a list of all of your accounts and their balances
  • Write down what you spent money on today
  • Log into your bank account and verify recent transactions
  • Read one blog post about the basic of investing
  • Skip buying something that you don’t really need
  • Watch our free training, How to Think Like an Investor

 Don’t underestimate the power of tiny steps. Wealth is built from the small decisions and actions that we take each day. 

What tiny step will you take today to nudge you in the direction of financial freedom?